What I do

DeAnn Trimarchi photographs special events all over the world. DeAnn captures images for corporate entities such as Kraft and Dodgers Stadium. She frequently photographs the estates and interiors of many well known Hollywood personalities, giving special attention to details. As a member of the Los Angeles Zoo, she maintains a special fondness for photographing the animal kingdom, be it wild life or household pets. Portraits of families, especially children is one of her photography passions, as well.

Why I do it

An accomplished photographer, actress and singer, she earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Point Park University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. DeAnn strives to bring inspiration in life through the beauty of the various art forms.

Where I live

I currently reside in West Hollywood, CA.


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Photos Taken


Completed Projects

Animal Photography

With my access to the animals in the Los Angeles Zoo, I have the advantage of being closer to the animals than most, which gives the best opportunity to get those “larger than life” shots of a lifetime…

Portrait Photography

It’s in those special moments with those whom are the closest to you that really produce amazing images.